Casper’s Rescue Shop products use different materials depending on the item. Most items use either alloys or sterling silver. Product information can be viewed in detail on each product page.

All jewelry may fade, oxidize, or tarnish over time, but good maintenance can help to keep your jewelry longer. The care guidelines below will help you keep your Casper’s Rescue Shop jewelry as beautiful as the day they were purchased.

  • Keep away from water. Avoid wearing when bathing or swimming.
  • Keep away from sweating. Avoid wearing when exercising.
  • Remove when sleeping.
  • Avoid cosmetics, lotions, and perfumes. Make sure lotions or perfumes are fully absorbed before putting on your jewelry.
  • Avoid friction, such as using abrasive materials like paper towels or harsh fabrics. Abrasive materials may scratch the jewelry.
  • Gently clean with a soft cloth. For sterling silver jewelry, use a sterling silver jewelry polishing cloth.
  • Keep in separate, sealed storage.