Baltimore Ravens Player Opens Up About How Pet Adoption Can Change Lives.

Being a football player, Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley knows a thing or two about how it feels when the odds are stacked against you — that feeling when your back’s against the wall and you’re not sure where to turn. That’s why this tough guy has a huge soft spot in his heart for animals, and particularly those who end up in shelters.

While wandering through a shelter one day to find a new companion, Ronnie was introduced to an “un-adoptable” retriever-terrier mix named Winter. She’d been through a lot. The poor dog was found locked in a sweltering-hot house all alone and rescuers estimated that she’d been there for about a week. Winter was severely dehydrated, starving, and had unsurprisingly developed a pretty crippling case of anxiety. She’d been used for breeding before being cast aside like trash, and due to her age and less-than-perfect appearance, rescuers feared the worst.

They weren’t confident that she’d find her forever home, but when Ronnie walked into her life, everything changed. The two of them experienced love at first sight and never looked back! They couldn’t possibly be happier together. Check out the video down below to learn more about their journey and why Ronnie is now an advocate for animals in need (and stick around for a little adoption surprise)!


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