Abused Shelter Dog Shown Love For The First Time

Millions of dogs enter shelters each year, and every one of them has a story. Dog advocates have a difficult time relating to people who would commit a heinous act such as animal abuse or abandonment, but the fact is, abusers like this do exist.

Whether they exploit their dogs for underground fighting, deprive them of food, leave them outside in the cold, or just flat-out abandon them, abusers do exist. No wonder shelters are absolutely overflowing with dogs. This year alone, over 3 Million dogs will enter shelters, and an estimated 670,000 will be euthanized.

It isn’t difficult to see that these dogs know they’ve been left to die. Sometimes, this life of pain is all they’ve ever known, and it’s written all over their faces. As terrible as this is, it makes it that much more special when a dog is shown love for the first time, especially when they’ve found their forever home.

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This Pit Bull was left to rot in a shelter. If there’s any doubt that dogs know they’ve been abandoned, this video proves it. You can literally pinpoint the moment this beautiful girl realizes her life is poised to change.

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